The Sexperiment – A Radical Way to Realize God’s View of Marriage

Poll the average Christian on the topic of intimacy in marriage and you are sure to get some interesting opinions and results. A poll done by Barna Research group in 2008, reveals that opinions of sexuality and morality have dramatically shifted in the past decade.

One of the most stunning outcomes from the Barna survey was the moral pattern among adults under 25. The younger generation was more than twice as likely as all other adults to engage in behaviors considered morally inappropriate by traditional standards.

The younger group – known as Mosaics – was nine times more likely than were Boomers to have engaged in sex outside of marriage (38% vs. 4%), six times more likely to have lied (37% vs. 6%), almost three times more likely to have gotten drunk (25% vs. 9%) and to have gossiped (26% vs. 10%), and twice as likely as Boomers to have observed pornography (33% vs. 16%) and to have engaged in acts of retaliation (12% vs. 5%). (Link to Barna Research)

Instead of bemoaning this research, think about it and see what you can learn. Consider the following…

The Problem – Exposure

Add these two facts into the mix. Approximately one in four commercials on tv include or portray some reference to sex. Also, teenagers report that a major source of sex education is (wait for it…) television, again (research source). Here’s the deal: like it or not, our children and teenagers are being educated about sex on a daily basis. Whether this information is coming from us as the parents and Christian rolemodels or not, our children and teenagers are getting their sex education from some place. It is impossible for us to remain quiet on this issue and expect them to get a biblical perspective on sex. We not only need to talk about the biblical view of sex, marriage, and intimacy, we MUST TALK ABOUT IT!

The Sexperiment – A Radical Way to Realize God’s View of Marriage

Ed and Lisa Young, pastors of Fellowship Church based out of Fort Worth, Texas are currently doing what they have termed “The Sexperiment.” During this 24-hour period, they are in a bed for 24-hours on top of their church roof in Texas (clothed) doing interviews will all sorts of media outlets. You can watch the live stream on their site here.

I was watching Ed and Lisa Young talk about intimacy in marriage and Ed said something that I have believed throughout my nine years as a youth pastor. In regards to sex in relationships, God does not say, “No!” He says, “Wait.” Sex in the wrong context can lead to some serious issues! God designed sex and confined it to the context of marriage. Our issue with sex as Christians is that many of us in the church regard sex as an unmentionable, taboo, or even sinful topic. Sex, in its right context of marriage, is not sinful but is worship. God created it and God blessed it. Remember Adam and Eve when God “blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the waters in the seas, and let birds multiply on the earth” (Genesis 1:22). When we fulfill this intimacy in marriage, we are fulfilling God’s design for marriage in the first place.

Here is a quote from The Sexperiment Page:

Marriage is designed by God to be one man and one woman. But what holds that bond together? In their newest book, Sexperiment, Ed and Lisa Young get readers back to the original design for having an intimate relationship according to God. And by challenging husbands and wives to strengthen their connection, the book helps strengthen marriages and unite the bond of matrimony. Sexperiment shows couples that the intersection of God and sex can lead to a life punctuated by exclamation marks!

Official Site of The Sexperiment –

[p.s. I welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas on how we can better influence our young people to live into God’s design for marriage.]

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  1. [p.s. I welcome your thoughts, comments, and ideas on how we can better influence our young people to live into God’s design for marriage.]


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